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NUEVA FUERZA - Hitos y Derrotas MLP

NUEVA FUERZA - Hitos y Derrotas MLP

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NUEVA FUERZA return with 7 tracks of uber-distorted Hardcore on a 12” format. Taking cues from both Italian Hardcore and Midwest off-kilter punk but keeping the rage, anguish and intensity that has become synonymous with Barcelona over the last decade. Hitos y Derrotas sees the band delivering longer songs than on their debut with a more structured sound and new found intensity. Drenched in reverb and very bass dominated, the songs take unexpected turns and reach dirge-like moments at several times, taking you on a wild ride where youthful force-brute meets crashing idealism. Think of DESTINO FINAL meets NO TREND with a hint of NERORGASMO and you may get close to NUEVA FUERZA.

Hitos y Derrotas was recorded by Daniel Frutos at La Cova de la Bestia, mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege and comes housed in a mind-melting sleeve designed by Cecilia Caldeira. It also includes a lyric Insert designed by singer D. Garceran.