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Molly Nilsson - Zenith LP

Molly Nilsson - Zenith LP

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Distancing herself from the heady aesthetic broth she’s cooked up -- a joyous dance/surf pop hybrid meeting industrial beats and a post-punk gloom production -- Nilsson sounds like the ghost version of an classic pop performer, like a haunted Bryan Adams or a mutated amalgam of ABBA’s four members. This record has dark, evil twins to classic karaoke -- “H.O.P.E” is a marriage of Enya new-age ambience with a wrongly eulogised version of the riff from “Time After Time”, under a blood red moon -- and synth-washed bangers like “Mountain Time”, which set clumsy rhythms in place and let hooks evolve around them. All the while, it’s Nilsson's voice that keeps this record somewhat consistent -- pushed into the backdrop, she always sounds like she’s five seconds away from walking out on us forever.

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