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The Brass ‎– Our Own Path LP

The Brass ‎– Our Own Path LP

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If you love raw, violent Oi! music, you got to love The Brass! Ever since I’ve heard “Psychopath” off 2013’s demo I’ve had my eyes (and ears) on this raucous squad. With the releases that followed, the “Rugged Cross” cassette EP (2015) and the “Desperation” EP (2016), the band truly left their mark with one vicious stomper after another! No need to say that their full-length debut is very much anticipated, but I’ll say it anyway – because it is indeed very much anticipated! Luckily the wait is almost over though, as Contra –and Insurgence Records are about to release the band’s very first LP “Our Own Path”!


Now we’ve already been teased with four tracks off this record on Crowd Control Media’s compilation CD “Short Cuts”, which featured the aforementioned two EP’s and new songs “Never Slowing Down”, “Tough Luck”, “When The Boots Come Marching In” and “Devil’s Got A Hold On Me”. This was late 2016, so you could easily say that “Our Own Path” has been in the works for quite a while, testing our patience. The hard work of the band paid off though, because despite it being a total cliché, “Our Own Path” is indeed their best work to date!


All four songs mentioned above made the final cut, though they have been slightly adapted in one way or another – but all for the better. Still delivering that rough, vicious sound that The Brass made their mark with, the twelve tracks on “Our Own Path” burst through your speakers like a wreckin’ ball, destroying everything (and everyone) in its reach! From the four ‘oldies’ to all-new scorchers like “A Little Bit Later”, “Social Suicide”, “Psychic War” and “Nowhere To Run”, there is not a weak moment on this album! My favorite song, at least for the moment, is without a doubt “Dreadknot”. With the addition of a saxophone it has a good French 80’s vibe to it which is working out very well – what a surprise!


Now I could go on and on about this album or band, but if you are into the current wave of new Oi! bands like Rixe, No Time, Criminal, No Parole, Rogue Trooper etc... this album is an absolute no-brainer, though The Brass was probably on your radar to begin with. So just consider this to be a friendly reminder instead of me trying to tell you something new and get your fuckin’ hands on this slab of wax the moment it comes out!