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Violent Reaction - City Streets 12"

Violent Reaction - City Streets 12"

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Debut LP from this killer UK HC / SXE band and it manages to one-up their already remarkable earlier EP. As everyone knows, a lot of HC bands can stall at the LP stage by writing a bunch of too samey-sounding songs, but Violent Reaction show that they have a remarkable command of several different HC sub-styles, and they weave them together expertly on this LP. There are elements of straight up SOA / Agnostic Front-style bashing, UK82 punk, oi!, some SXE-style breakdowns, and even a couple of rocked-out riffs thrown in for good measure. That description may sound kind of spastic, but everything is pulled together by the ultra-straightforward, bare-bones songwriting style, bruising production, and angry vocals. Top-notch HC.