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Restraining Order - This World Is Too Much LP

Restraining Order - This World Is Too Much LP

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Restraining Order is a Connecticut / Western Massachusets hardcore punk band comprised of former members of a New England hardcore bands such as Violence To Fade, Alert, Palehorse, Depths Of Reality, Maniac, and Revenge. So far, the band has published a Demo, Something For The Youth promo cassette, self-titled 7” and This World Is Too Much is their latest recording which has been published on vinyl. Perhaps it would be interesting to mention that the band has the first live appearance at a pizza restaurant in Poughkeepsie, NY without even possessing a band name nor a demo out and all of that within few weeks of the band’s existence. The band is gradually influenced by the 80s hardcore, 70s punk rock music, but also incorporates some garage rock elements in gloriously energetic compositions. Bands like Youth Of Today, Bold, Minor Threat, Circle Jerks, Jerry’s Kids or DYS made a big impression on Restraining Order, but on the other hand, the band still consolidates punk rock attitude and technicalities of garage rock in small, but distinguished portions. These miniature details are actually the essential elements that keep This World Is Too Much entertainable and interesting from beginning to the very end. Still, the main focus is on the youth crew hardcore, brilliant fast anthemic compositions, great riffs and chunky basslines which are all together keeping dynamics and energy of the band for the entire album. Besides all the severity of the youth crew hardcore riffs, the band still maintains melodic harmonies on a couple of songs which can surely be categorized as punk rock tunes, but with a lot more interesting ideas incorporated and much more effort involved than in ordinary punk rock compositions. This World Is Too Much LP comes on a coke bottle clear vinyl and it has been published by Triple B Records, a hardcore punk record label from Boston, Massachusetts. Give this band a chance if you’re a fan of edgy youth crew hardcore with occasional involvement of punk rock and garage rock music.

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