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Les Shirley - Forever Is Now LP

Les Shirley - Forever Is Now LP

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The album came about naturally over the course of last year. Singing about love, girl power, and conspiracies, the themes’ broadness reflect the vivid imagination (and weed consumption) of the band’s vocalist and lyricist. Forever is Now is pure energy, a craving to live fully, in the present (especially in times like these) and it’s a feeling that builds up from song to song. It’s a collection of sounds that takes roots in dirty punk rock as well as old rock ballads and melodic pop anthems.

Les Shirley created a fresh new sound while embracing their
influences past and present. As for the production of the album, the band wanted to get out of their comfort zone and chose to collaborate with inspiring musicians who were not associated with their previous sound. Simon Kearney and Marc Chartrain were their final choice. In the dead cold of February 2020, the whole team isolated themselves
for a week at Wild Studio, deep into the woods, to record the nine tracks. The result is incredible. The rather classical rock power trio instrumentation (guitar, bass, drums) is boosted with touches of 80’s synths and dancing percussions.

The girls went all in this time and made bold artistic choices such as putting Kanye West’s style auto-tune in one of the songs. They also wrote a piece featuring Pascale Picard, one of their youth idols. It was a dream come true for them. Les Shirley is a fun bunch and it really shines on their debut album.

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