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Here is the kind of LP that I have really been waiting for....right from the start its sheer intensity hits you like a brick wall...its like the convergence of all things awesome about our little cul du sac of music.  With thrashy but crisp guitars, pounding drums, thundering bass, and perfectly gravelly vocals there is a sound that will make you want to get up and trash something! 

These guys from Seattle serve up some straight up Scandi-HC elements a la MOB 47, and DISCARD, but woven within a framework of rock and roll, d-beat, crust and thrash that makes this record something else indeed.  It is a modern sounding work too, maybe due to the clear recording that allows for nice definition between the instruments, which I really like. 

With that being said, it still has a very “live” feel and doesn’t suffer from any overproduction.  There have been a number of bands in the past few years that have tried this eclectic style to some success but here it comes off as the most natural thing ever.  As super tight and in your face as this is there isn’t anything here that is particularly groundbreaking; however the ease with which these songs seem to spill out shows clearly that this is a band that just does what it does and doesn’t try to force anything into a particular direction. 

With members from loved bands such as STATE OF FEAR, DISRUPT, SHITLIST and CONSUME, its really no wonder.  My ONLY complaint is that it didn’t come with a lyric sheet (and that I don’t yet have their first LP). I think this may have originally come out in 2010 on Agipunk but my copy is on Blackwater.  It will certainly make my top ten list for this year!  Get yours!