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Krautbomber are a revelation in times where “deutschpunk” is a four-letter-word. While other bands underbid each other in the levels of their musical and lyrical skills this band from Mönchengladbach proves that punk is not dead yet and that anger is still a good fuel for music. Maybe this derives partly from the fact that the band’s singer and guitarist Michi is in Nein Nein Nein as well, another star on the dark sky of german punk.

But Krautbomber are anything but a copy of Nein Nein Nein. Okay, the characteristic vocals can’t be overheard but music is a lot closer to classic AZ style hardcore punk. The sound is good and charmingly dirty. Their style is very straight, tight and aggressive and the songs are short. No d-beat, no youth crew, no hype shit, just good hc/punk with a punch.

If you aren’t one of the lucky ones (like me) who got the limited first press with screen printed cover then you got another chance now as there is a vinyl repress and finally a cd version as well. And read the lyrics of “fussball, sex & peinlichsein”. It’s so true…