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LEMURIA - "The First Collection" LP

LEMURIA - "The First Collection" LP

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A collection of almost everything they've recorded so far. Their songs from the splits with Kind Of Like Spitting and Frame, the self-titled EP, their 7" from the Art Of The Underground singles series and 2 songs from the New York vs New Jersey comp.

18 tracks of songs that are now all out of print.

All LP orders include an MP3 download card.

Track Listing:
1. Hours
2. Lick Your Lips
3. Bugbear
4. Rough Draft
5. Keep Quiet
6. Bristles And Whiskers
7. Sophmore
8. In A World Of Ghosts...
9. Who Would Understand A Turtle?
10. Bee Spit
11. The Origamists Too
12. It's Not A Lie, It's A Secret
13. Bookworm
14. The Origamists
15. Home for the Holidays
16. Piranha
17. Trivial Greek Mythology
18. The Origamists II