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Woodboot - Crime Time LP

Woodboot - Crime Time LP

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Good news for people with short attention spans! A band called Woodboot is a master in making traditional sounding punk music, which has the recognizable properties of each song being short and to the point. The main focus point is to f#ck everyone around you that isn’t into this rough around the edges punk tracks!

Expect no poetry, no lyrics about love or other discussions in the in your face lyrics, it’s all ‘up yours’ all the way! Expect being energized by pure negativity, everything is wasted, there is no future and if you try to argue; expect some violently happy induced head cracks!

Starting and stagnating as a two-piece, this jangly Brisbane duo of Daniel and Julien decided to thicken their sound two years ago, and so formed a fully-fledged band. The addition of second guitarist Sam and drummer Donnie prompted an album, and CRIME TIME is the second release for these garage grime ‘n’ rollers. The group follows in the footsteps of THE SPITS and the RAMONES with fast-paced, three-chord gusto.

Brisbane, Australia's Woodboot present their debut LP: CRIME TIME. It's actually their second album, following on from 2014's KRANG GANG non-demo tape. Razar's aggro energy must hang over Brisbane like some horrible cloud. It's present in Woodboot, embedded like DNA. Audible in the aggressive guitar work that fills Crime Time. Vocals are snotty, surly and raw, taking their cues from the first wave but moving beyond that original template set by The Ramones and early aussie punk. It's pissed off, but poppy, there's a heavy air of shit-headed sarcasm throughout the record, sneering at the listener and scratching at the door.

The drumming is hard hitting and primitive, prehistoric sounds and a perfect backbone for the band. At times I hear both a rocket to russia and something akin to Wire's early demos, but the beat is harder and the level of aggression displayed here is infinitely greater.

Woodboot aren’t trying to do anything different. It’s nothing you haven’t heard before but it’s done with such angsty energy and enthusiasm that it doesn’t matter. This record contains feel good tunes that are easy to listen to and don’t take much dissecting for ultimate partying.