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Nosferatu - S/T 7"

Nosferatu - S/T 7"

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Lumpy's brief description of this record drops some seriously heavy names... the heaviest, for me, being Koro, a band whom I hold in the absolute highest regard. Comb through the archives here and you'll find very few bands actually warrant comparison to them, but Nosferatu actually do sound quite a bit like the almighty Koro. I think the secret is in the drums, which are, naturally, lightning-fast, but also very rhythmically complex, weaving a lot of interesting ideas into very tight, confined spaces. The riffs and song arrangements are also perfect, barrages of notes that shouldn't be catchy but somehow are. My only gripe with this EP is the recording quality... I mean, it sounds vintage-y and everything, but when a band is this killer I want to hear what they're doing! I don't know, maybe a cleaner recording would have killed the vibe, but I'd love to hear this band with a recording that was clear but still analog-y and powerful. Hopefully we get to find out if that works for them on a future recording, but in the meantime I'll get PLENTY of plays out of this one. Oh, and if you really dug the Alienation 7" from 2016, this should be at the top of your list of stuff to check out.

Unhinged hardcore a la YDI, Koro, Void. Psycho drumming, adequate venom in the vocals, and commendable lyrics about this so called great nation. You won't need your beanie babies anymore.