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Night Force - 'S/T' 7"

Night Force - 'S/T' 7"

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Debut 7" from this German/Belgian/Danish powerhouse hardcore punk unit from Mannheim, Germany. The 7" sounds as mystical as the demo with tasteful use of chorus pedal to give off an almost UK goth punk guitar sound ala Deformed expertly blended with hardcore rhythms which at times give off Omegas style catchy vibes. Featuring members of Domain, True Vision and Arms Race.

Our take: Has anyone branded this new wave of German hardcore yet? I feel like it’s only a matter of time, because things seem to be starting to pop off there with bands like Night Force and Total Reality. Night Force give us their debut vinyl here, and it’s very much along the lines of their demo… they remind me a lot of Glue and Drugcharge with their fast oompah-beats and mega-catchy breakdowns. The formula is largely the same (well, maybe it’s a hair more metallic with the odd Leeway-esque divebomb), but it’s similarly effective.