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Reptoides - S/T 7"

Reptoides - S/T 7"

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The first appearance of REPTOIDES on vinyl after two killer and exceedingly limited demos released by Grabaciones PURO PEDO continuing their blown out, shrill, trashy hardcore punk. Hailing from the desert city of Santa Catarina, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, REPTOIDES fit in but sit distinctly with other heavy hitters from that region, such as RATAS DEL VATICANO or TERCER MUNDO. 4 tracks that hit like a distorted laser gun. Completely mutant, pummeling and incinerating guitar and bass with pounding drums. Songs that will, with any luck, get them abducted from intergalactic space reptilians to escape this shit planet of ours.

Our take: Debut vinyl from this Mexican punk band on the excellent World Gone Mad Records out of Philadelphia, and this thing is a total scorcher. The bulk of this record is a slightly weirder, more warped take on the loose, urgent sound that a lot of recent Mexican punk bands like Tercer Mundo and Inservibles have plied. Reptoides share with those bands a loose playing style, a trebly recording, delay on the vocals, and a willfully DIY amateurism that I really like, and that you'll almost certainly like too if you've been following recent Mexican punk. However, I would be remiss if I didn't mention my favorite part of this 7", which is the intro track... it's only about a minute long, but WOW what a minute! Seriously, the only thing I can think to compare the thrill of this minute to is "Teenage Timekiller" by Rudimentary Peni. I remember the first time I heard that track and being blown away by how something so out of tune and ugly-sounding can nevertheless be so infectious and memorable. On that intro track Reptoides manage to combine audio collage of urban crime scenes, space laser noises, and out of tune guitars into the most thrilling one minute of music I've heard in some time. I kind of wish they'd just ditch hardcore and make the whole band sound like that, but this really does rip all the way through. Even though this came out on a US label it's just as interesting, exciting, an urgent as anything I've heard come out of Mexico lately. Highly recommended.