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Helta Skelta ‎– Nightclubbin' 7"

Helta Skelta ‎– Nightclubbin' 7"

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After a few full length records, a few EPs, and a US tour in 2016, Perth's Helta Skelta have recently taken some time out. However, they're now back with a new 3 song 7" EP. Here, Helta Skelta change things up yet again, never one to let things dull. This 7” sees the band head into sparser territory, favouring the British and US over the Australian sounds. A much more art rock and post-punk outing this time round whilst still holding on to those aspects of 70s garage punk from previous efforts. A good comparison would be some Wire inspired jams that had been churned out with Eddy Current or John Cooper Clarke in mind.

"There’s a weird one-off episode of Only Fools And Horses set in Florida, and a running side-joke is that Americans can’t tell the difference between a cockney and aussie accent, constantly confusing the two. It always comes to mind when I think of Helta Skelta. Given that Jon’s accent floats somewhere between them like a trans-hemispheric version of the “mid-atlantic” twang, and that the tune itself plays out like a mix of Eddy Current and Blur’s “Parklife”, filled with Sleaford Mods (millennial John Cooper Clarke)-esque stream of consciousness wordplay and compounded colloquialisms from both sides of the equation, the comparison grows only more apt. Stylistically, the band has been leaning towards a sparser, more minimal post-punk vibe for a while, and this single is the clearest expression yet of this trajectory. One play is not enough, expect to be returning the needle repeatedly." Alex Leech, No Exposure fanzine