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DER FADEN - Same 7"

DER FADEN - Same 7"

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It feels good to know that the string on which STATUES’ Rob’s feeling for killer tunes is dangling seems to be thick like the Incredible Hulk’s forearm. From the very first note on this here 7’’ you recognize how much you been missing the sweeping signature sound of this mutant of music. This time around, Rob is tag teaming up with the soon-to-be missus Sarah and keeps it in the family under the moniker of DER FADEN.
’Best Guess’ is an irresistible number with male and female vocals that takes the best of the STATUES’ catchiness and the TRANZMITORS’ danceable cool and throws in a guitar line you haven’t heard since EXTRABREIT’s ’Hurra Hurra die Schule brennt’.
The driving flipside ’Filaments’ is pure STATUES gold with a little pinch of 80s Wave, a DEVOesque guitarline and female vocal harmonies. Still critical, still concerned, still catchy and melodic as hell, this little glimpse of Rob’s current state of affairs will get easily through the narrow eye of any bored and resigned music lover’s needle. Let’s just hope that there is more family recording business going on down in the basement.