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Stalled Minds - s/t EP

Stalled Minds - s/t EP

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New bands simply are not intended to sound this immediately well-rounded. There are too many variables at play for something to not go awry—the musicianship could be sloppy, the lyrics elementary, the presentation in some way unrealized. And that’s OK. As fans we often experience growing pains with bands we eventually love right along with them. It deepens and endures our relationship with the band and connection with the music, in this weird, often unquantifiable manner that little else can. It’s personal.


But what is there to do when a band skips those growing pains, when a debut is so fully realized that it defies convention or expectation? There’s something to be said for grading a band with tempered or no expectations on a curve, but how does that band/listener relationship gestate?

There’s a sea of new music to discover on Bandcamp much of it written and recorded by unknown bands from far-flung locales. The site has simultaneously made discovery easier and more daunting—option paralysis becomes a very real concern, to the point where you have to make some sort of likely unfair, judging-a-book-by-its-cover determination in order to decide what and what not to listen to based on a seemingly random amalgamation of things that, whether you realize it or not, have shaped your worldview.

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