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Booji Boys ‎– Unknown Pleathers EP

Booji Boys ‎– Unknown Pleathers EP

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The latest 7” from this Canadian band is a 5-songer that finds them expanding upon and refining their formula. As before, there are elements of hardcore and classic-sounding punk (and maybe even power-pop), but with total shit-fi production. The first track, “I Wanna Be So Good,” is one of their more hardcore moments with a sprightly tempo and chaotic playing. The next few songs are full of the great, classic-sounding punk riffs that Booji Boys are so great at, but the record’s climax is the closing title track. That song's foundation is a great 999 / Undertones style chord progression, and it builds toward a wild double guitar solo… not two guitars harmonizing with one another Iron Maiden-style, but two guitars soloing across and over top of one another, twisting together like a rat king of noise and distortion. Every time I hear a Booji Boys record I think to myself, “man, I wish I could hear the vocals,” but then after a few listens I realize the guitars are the star of the show and the wild and noisy production is the perfect choice for them.

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