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Hardcore punk retaking the basics. Everything is on spot here, so I don’t even know what to say. Created in NY - Japanese punk meets American hardcore; keeping it simple with shouty vocals and driving beats with lyrics in English and Japanese. Rude, crude punking to the max. This band brings early 80's NYHC vibes, with some hard and fast more modern breakdowns and a japanese hardcore touch together to create their signature sound.

No frills, just good riffs a meandering bass and forcefull, confident vocals, pure power on the drums, that’s it. The five tracks within this demo are catchy, aggressive and exemplifies perfectly how the new wave of NY punk is working and back on track. Live they are a bloody mess in the right way and showed this on their first US tours.

KRIMEWATCH have proven themselves to be one of the best new American punk bands. One of my favourite demos of the last years. This band have nailed what it seems like they’re trying to do. 100 % ETT approved, this rules!