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Gloom Sleeper - Demo Tape

Gloom Sleeper - Demo Tape

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For starting a good melodic dark post punk band (or probably any band) you need one thing - some sort of soul. Luckily Gloom Sleeper from Bielefeld, Germany, got this very special thing about their music. It's understandable to be tired of all that newish post / goth punk hype, but when a band starts with a demo tape like this, you have to be down with it once again! Propelling melodic post punk, with a noble sense for writing dancable and catchy songs. There's no hiding behind a wall of sound, no banks of effect pedals, only well-constructed songs that are simultaneously filled with doomed thoughts, self-immolation - and joy. A beautiful blend of post punk and punk rock with a tinge of Goth. If you need comparisons: Take the guitar work of the outstanding Estranged, add some Warsaw and Killing Joke and you know what Gloom Sleeper are all about...

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