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RVIVR ‎– The Beauty Between LP

RVIVR ‎– The Beauty Between LP

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After Latterman split in 2007, the band's two vocalists went on to new endeavors. Phil Douglas joined NY's Iron Chic, and Matt Canino joined up with female vocalist Erica Freas to form Olympia, WA pop-punk band RVIVR. The band's debut, simply titled LP, came out in 2010. Featuring raw vocals and infectious choruses, the charm was undeniable, and whileLP was rough around the edges, it had a certain inconsistent and sloppy charm to it. 3 years later, RVIVR returns with The Beauty Between, an improvement in every possible way. Slightly tighter and more focused yet still delightfully imperfect, RVIVR has put together their best material yet.

Just like LP, The Beauty Between begins with an instrumental opener that sets the tone for the album right away, building into a blistering pace. RVIVR wastes no time with the album's most infectious songs immediately, beginning with "LMD." Canino and Freas alternate vocals in this song, and they have an interesting dynamic together, raw and authentic. Canino is far from a talented vocalist, but his broken wails tend to lend some balance when paired with Freas, who gets her own song in "Spider Song," which also appeared on Freas' 2012 solo album, Belly. There's no question Freas is the more talented vocalist, a spectacular match for the band with the perfect amount of gruff and charm. The majority of The Beauty Between features Canino heavily, but there's a strong argument that it shouldn't, and "Spider Song" is evidence of that. Brilliant melodies and bounding charm provided by subtle guitar licks littered among the main song structure is a huge factor to RVIVR's appeal; what appears to be fairly basic pop-punk has a hidden depth to it that continues to reveal itself over multiple listens.