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Before on a tape on In Der Tat. And available soon for the first time on vinyl. Various sessions recorded from 1980 to 1982 made by this insane West German all-fräulein post punkers! Remastered in 2017 at Studio Parélies (Paris, France).

It's the end of 1979, in Ludwigshafen, Ingrid (bass) and Pia (drums) want to start a feminist punk band. The two young women do not yet know how to play any instruments. They only know that they want to play, and meet other women like themselves. Less than 30 minutes away by car in Heidelberg is where Stephanie (guitar) lives. She responds to an advertisement from two young women who mention they're looking for a guitarist, without really knowing why. April 5th, 1980, the women play in front of their first public audience. At this point they call themselves "Knitterfrei". Starting in November 1980, they decide on the name "Trümmerfrauen", thinking that their music had evolved with the arrival of Gabi (synth). Very quickly, they will become associated with the Mannheim Punk scene (the city that neighbors Ludwigshafen, separated by the Rhine). In November 1981, the band records their first 7" in Berlin which will be released by Zensor. A few months later, in April 1982, Pia quits the band. Stephanie, Ingrid, and Gabi decide to continue Trümmerfrauen.
This will be the beginning of the end.

Stepahnie Groth: guitar, vocals
Ingrid Janowski: bass, vocals
Pia Lenz: drums
Gabi Streckfuss: synth, vocals