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Neon Piss - s/t LP

Neon Piss - s/t LP

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What should i say ? Killer melodic punk from some bay area punks who have played in good bands before and have something to say and know how to rock.

Bay Area hardcore-influenced punk that feels heavily inspired by bands from both Copenhagen and Umeå. Think Wasted Sounds, Ny Våg, Kick N’ Punch, or Hjernespind. Shit’s-fucked tunes that pack a mangy, soggy sound. The punk just drips off, leaving a puddle you dare not step in. Consisting of four veterans of the best leaky basements and cramped living rooms that DIY has to offer, Neon Piss is a truly talented outfit. And for all those “Regulations vs. The Vicious” debates that were never resolved, hopefully now we can all now just agree on Neon Piss.