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Coupe Gorge - Troubles LP

Coupe Gorge - Troubles LP

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After a demo cassette pressed in vinyl, and a spilt ep with the Swedish band HAMMER, COUPE GORGE goes to the next level with a one sided 12 ".Sound became more raw and lyrics are also more worked and still nihilistic Expect a great straight ahead record who will be liked by all fans of Negative Approach.

Our take: After a few cassette and 7” releases here’s the debut 12” (though it’s one-sided with a cool screen-printed b-side) from this French oi! band. Most oi! bands nowadays (at least the ones worth listening to) have some hardcore in their sound, and Coupe Gorge are no different. I’d place their sound in the part of the spectrum that’s more oi! than 86 Mentality, but more hardcore than Rixe. Their songs are short and to the point, with not a single one over two minutes and a couple under one minute, so this 8-song EP begs you to play it over and over. It’s also expertly sequenced, stringing together a bunch of rippers that remind me of the Negative Approach LP, climaxing with the melodic, Blitz-esque “Mise á Mort,” and then closing things out with the big mosh riffs of “J’Avance Seul.” Fans of Dead Stop, Crown Court, LP-era Negative Approach, and 86 Mentality take note.