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Gesture - Demo Tape

Gesture - Demo Tape

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What's dignity to you? “Dignified women doing undignified work” is the overarching theme of the introductory release by Berlin’s GESTURE.

Born of a self-reliant enclave of high-output low-info punks nested in the Allee Der Kosmonauten high rise that has given out COLD LEATHER, PRETTY HURTS and GILB, here we find a seedier proposition. Taking cues from anarcho after it mentally unravelled and deathrock when it was in the peak throes of that spiritual cramp, this is the real ugly stuff. Dirt gets in the corners, mould grows in the wall, don’t even think about shining a blacklight on it. A vocal claws out the ether, not disaffected, just exhausted. Assimilation becomes nigh-on impossible to avoid. The same red tape trying to kill you starts to unravel in your own home. It’s all so tiresome, isn’t it?

Captured on tape with immaculate ear by Tobias Lill of Dong Xuan Productions (Diät, Orden Mundial, Idiota Civilizzato) and then nuked in the mastering booth by the one and only Daniel Husayn.

100 copies.
Transparent orange cassette tape with risographed J-Card insert and lyric sheet.
Download code included.