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Dead Finks - Dead Fink Era CS

Dead Finks - Dead Fink Era CS

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Dead Finks, led by Erin Violet and Joseph Thomas, began writing music in Sydney, Australia c. 2016/17 playing sporadic shows under various guises without much of any overarching plan. In 2019, they relocated to Berlin and resolved to start releasing records and making regular live appearances. As of 2020, a name has been settled on, songs have been mixed and new friends have been recruited into the fold. 

And so comes "Dead Fink Era", their debut, mostly self-recorded and self-produced between Thirroul and Berlin. Some songs expose a love of new wave synthesiser groups like New Order and Yellow Magic Orchestra, while others lean into the more aggressive punk style of their former compatriots like Low Life and Total Control. There's also threads of drone, hardcore punk, and some straight-up pop moments for good measure. Personnel on these songs include an early iteration of the band with Jack de Lacy, and Jai Love, whose label Urge Records will be handling the cassette release.