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Genital Hospital - Street Mummy LP

Genital Hospital - Street Mummy LP

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ZACK! The second album by one of Montreal's finest weirdos GENITAL HOSPITAL takes no prisoners. You get even 10 catchy forceful & rousing KBD-garage-punk tunes being mired in psychedelic intoxication. A bit like CARBONAS cover MODERN PETS or way around including gang-vocals, great busy riffs, thirsty pogo beat and sprinkles of CPC GANGBANGS and The B-SIDES.
Again a few tracks have a slightly southern touch owing to harmonica fills while others get driven by a simple but relentless organ vibe and cocksure all tracks kick ass – "Verdammte Sheisse". The whole damn thing is an all in all unique sounded smasher to burst any party - a really total boozy mess!
Recorded & mixed by Jean-Michel Coutu, mastered by Ian of DAGGER EYES & perfectly illustrated by Darren Merinuk – a killer cover for "Street Mummy", one he says may be his best ever!!

Review at Bananas #9 Zine:
First of all, best band name! As for the music, this band from Montreal plays mainly some furious KBD punk. Once in a while the bands goes out of its way to offer us something a bit different. Ramones (or Wax Museum) punk on "Violence" or some more 60s influenced stuff when the harmonica starts wailing on "Night Girls White Boys". It's all played at 100mph though, and just comes out as vicious garage punk that will give you a serious adrenaline rush and keep you hooked with its anthemic punch-along tunes.
The production also plays a big role here as it's done the proper way. It's loud as fuck, lo-fi, yet not muddy sounding.
Pretty cool B&W cover by Darren Merinuk as well!