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Prison Affair / Research Reactor Corporation - Split EP

Prison Affair / Research Reactor Corporation - Split EP

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A love affair between Australia and Spain - one for the real rockers out there. Those lovers truly can't cease to amaze. Highly enjoyable one-of-a-kind sounding stuff from these masterminds.

Demento synth noise from the creepy depths of a dark basement. The energy, hooks, and rawness elevate this above also-ran status, so if you’re a fan of this sound, you have to love it.

A wave of skrunky, Adderall-eyed eggpunk-worship. This Split EP is an impressive collection of tunes, and I’m looking forward to seeing what this rockers come up with next. Wrap your favorite body parts in tin foil, dye your eyebrows blue, and get ready to sweat out chemicals when you listen to this one.