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Modern Delusion - Wasteland CS

Modern Delusion - Wasteland CS

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Modern Delusion are a trio from Zagreb featuring members of Dykemann Family and Black Gust, as well as members of the now-defunct Welcomin' Committee In Flames, The Babies and Daily Trash.

Unlike the aforementioned bands, Modern Delusion aim for something quite different: synth-oriented, gloomy post punk with obvious influences from zillions of obscure "Back from the Grave" and KBD comps and maybe even some Crypt Records stuff. If you'd like us to drop some names, hear this: Jay Reatard's Lost Sounds and his earlier "synth punk" projects like Angry Angles or Destructions Unit, and some classic stuff like Devo, The Units, Urinals...

The band recorded 6 original songs plus a Crime cover on a primitive 4-track recorder, and now, these seven jams are finally seeing the light of day as a limited cassette tape. Don't miss out on this!

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