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Catholic Spit ‎– A Pact With The Devil LP

Catholic Spit ‎– A Pact With The Devil LP

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There have been a lot of new dark postpunk and deathrock releases lately. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track. BUT THIS BAND IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!


Imagine a huge sphere rolling on a slope. It isn't perfectly round so there's many subtle variations in the rumble of thunder produced. A little girl stays with ease on top of the rolling sphere, and she shouts and sings without restraint with acidulous vocals and clear Punk lineages. And now the part more difficult to imagine, all of that happens in the sky where some Horror movie is screened. Job done, I think this describes you faithfully the music of this album.

There's an excellent abuse of bass tones making it Heavy and aerial like a troupe of elephants dancing with grace. Add to that some discrete but efficient echoes of Horror movies music, and on top of the sounds waves the vocals are frenetic, speedy, and acidulous. The whole is very fun, and more subtle than could let feel a superficial listening, a great stuff transmitting its excess of enthusiasm, refreshing.