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Synth pop punk band from Calgary, Canada. They play a perfect mix of UNITS / SPITS-Synth-Punk, GARY NUMAN-Elektro-Pop, NEW ORDER-Electronic-Dance-Music with a dark fluorescent FAD GADGET or DIGITAL LEATHER / LOST SOUNDS part! TELEDROME inspired of the early 1980s New York City club scene sound, would fit right in among any of the essential early Factory/Mute Records releases! The record will include the re-recording hits from the HoZac 7", and Michael Haddad - who did the ZEBRASSIERES LP art, will do his job again here... All songs written/produced by Ryan Saddler.
More about the small Canadian rock and roll world:
Back in Calgary about 6 years ago, there was an amazing garage-punk band called THE CRYPTOMANIACS. If you can find that 7", it is the best thing from that city in the last 5 years, so hard to find though. That band split when Ian Manhire moved to Ottawa and started WHITE WIRES and SEDATIVES. SEDATIVES first 7" "Can't Calm Down" was originally a CRYPTOMANIACS song called "Good Enough for Garbage." Shortly after, Andrew Payne moved to Ottawa and started ZEBRASSIERES and FUN FUNS (later playing in KETAMINES with Paul from Mammoth Cave Rec.). The only person left behind: Ryan Saddler, who is the man behind TELEDROME. TELEDROME's guitar player is Evan Van Reekum, who is in the great band FIST CITY and co-runs Mammoth Cave with Paul from Calgary.

Side A
1. Boyfriend
2. Dial Tone
3. Ultra Instant
4. Spirals
5. New Motion

Side B
1. Antenna
2. Blood Drips
3. Parallel
4. Robot
5. Golden Dawn