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Upright Citizens – Bombs Of Peace 12"

Upright Citizens – Bombs Of Peace 12"

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Introduced to Upright Citizens by the P.E.A.C.E. comp at the ripe age of 15, I immediately fell in love with them. Swastika rats (also featured on this 12”) is easily one of the best songs on the comp, a pretty amazing feat considering how perfect that comp is. While the first half of their discography is pretty much perfect, this record, their first, is probably their best.

The title track sets the vibe and starts the 12” off strong, a snotty 3-chord punk rager with some perfect militaristic drumming. This is what you can expect throughout the record. Throughout the record, the singer tells us everything he dislikes. In "I Hate Church," he tells us that he hates church. In the aforementioned title track, he mentions that he’s not really a huge fan of bombs. In "Fuck The Army," he basically says fuck the army. In "Holocaust," a faster, snottier version of the Crisis hit, he pleas for “no more holocaust.” In "Scum of the Earth," he gives a list of people he believes to be the scum of earth. This list happens to include communists, anarchists, prostitutes, and a bunch of other things I have never been able to hear too clearly.

This record is pretty formulaic punk. However, it’s perfect. The Darby-esque vocals rule. The rough guitar tone rules. The bouncy bass tone rules. The simple, fast riffs rule. The drums rule. I’m pretty sure I could even play drums to half the songs on this record. Every element of this record is spot-on. Clocking in at 17.6 minutes, this is probably the best thing to come out of Germany besides the almighty VORKRIEGSJUGEND.