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NIGHT FEVER - "New blood" 12" E.P.

NIGHT FEVER - "New blood" 12" E.P.

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8 crushing hc/punk hits - think Poison Idea meets mid 80's youth-crewish-HC put through the K-Town blender and spat out with a ton of bile.


4'th pressing of New Blood available now!


THIS IS COPENHAGEN, MAAAAAN!!! Yup, notorious k-townsters Night Fever have finally released their debut 12" after spreading havoc for some time. Muscular, pissed off, confident, defiant and macho-esque hardcore to the nines. Think early 80s Boston HC fornicating with Zero Boys, Poison Idea and Void. In fact first time I've heard this I was thinking of a more cockrock-ish and slickly produced Void.
The 8 tracks possess aggression, speed and melody, amazing guitar shredding from Matthias, and Salomon's impressive voice that Danzig would kill for. It's fun to hear the blatant local patriotism in the lyrics, instead of crybaby whining these youngsters seem proud of living in Copenhagen, no matter how fucked up it is. This test press was made in 70 (!) copies, and sold at their crazyass release party at Loppen August 27th, a regular release will soon be out on Adult Crash. It's actually pretty hilarious that the cover art resembles an 80s straight edge record (Judge, anyone?), since Salomon served us some über nasty pot-chai at the party. Thanks for the brainrot next day at work, guys! THIS IS COPENHAGEN. MAAAAAN!!! Get "New Blood" if you know what's good for ya - this excellent piece of wax goes for the jugular!