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Sonic Avenues - Mistakes LP

Sonic Avenues - Mistakes LP

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Having delivered the quintessential powerpop/punk album in 2012's Dirtnap-released burner Television Youth, Montreal's Sonic Avenues take it to another level on their third LP Mistakes.

Building on their signature melodic style, the Aves return with an evolved and considerably more varied effort that resulted from dropping all preconceived notions of how a "punk" record should sound.

The band made a concerted effort to not repeat itself, and it shows. While no doubt teeming with energy and hooks, Mistakes eases off the light speed tempos of previous releases and shows greater sophistication in both songwriting and production.

Self-produced by the band in singer Max's apartment, Mistakes was written over a period of 7 months and produced in less than three. Mixing together songs dark, bright, short, and long, this release really finds the band coming into its own and claiming a distinct niche within the contemporary pop/punk pantheon.

Fans of previous Sonic Avenues efforts will discover treats both familiar ("Waiting For A Change") and completely unexpected ("Better Days To Come") on this album - by far the band's best to date!

Be sure to catch Sonic Avenues on tour in 2014 - with dates planned in more than seven European countries, Japan, Russia, the U.S. and Canada! Full European dates (all with our pals Needles//Pins) are below, keep checking our website/Facebook/Twitter pages for further announcements!