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Sect - s/t LP

Sect - s/t LP

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I heard this when it first came out via some forum. I was like: “what the fuck, it's like some goth thing but with anarcho vocals, what's the point?”. About half a year later, I was sitting around thinking “Man wouldn't it be great is there was some modern dark anarcho with some gothy influences." You know... maybe something which was kinda like Alternative (Scottish Crass Records band), but with some jumpy, shouty, girl vocals ala Essential Logic, but also with the kinda super melodic, jangly, chorused guitars ala early Cure.

Then I thought “I should find some music like this... hang on what was that band with the torsos line up along the front.. ah fuck it I can't remember”

A few weeks passed. Me and a friend started a distro and we ordered fuck loads of records from people we knew had good taste. We opened a package from La Vida Es Un Mus and guess what was there on the top, that record wit the torsos on. Oh it's SECT, yeah I've seen the name, makes sense.

Went home, stuck it on. Sat back and thoroughly fucking enjoyed this record in all it's lofi, ramshackled, dark, but super melodic glory. If you like the darker end of anarcho, bleak post punk, early British deathrock, or just wanna hear a great current punk band via Barcelona, go buy this. It's not expensive and it was released at the end of December, meaning most people have probably missed it.

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