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Warm Bodies - Domo 7"

Warm Bodies - Domo 7"

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“Warm Bodies play a deranged flavor of punk rock n’ roll, with a heavy-handed emphasis on rock... It’s consistently disoriented, rarely adhering to a song structure or style that’s easy to follow, and instead centering itself on the decisively reverbed female vocals, and dynamic bass and guitar work that provide a captivating listening experience no matter which instrument you chose to focus on. The distinct chromaticism, strangling, and noodling from the guitarist’s chords contrasts the incredibly controlled basslines, and creates this sort of necessary balance: for music that generally sounds as if it’s falling apart, there’s such an undeniable aura of deliberateness that displays how talented the group is to achieve that sort of a calculated texture. Despite their unpredictable nature, there’s still plenty of punk qualities present that makes their music easy to appreciate. Combine that with the anxious temper and tightly-wound drum work, and you’ve got six compositions that are bound to electrify your senses through and through.” – Jimmy

Our take: Demo-on-vinyl from this Kansas City band, and it's without a doubt one of my favorite releases of the month... I foresee a spot on my best of 2017 list as well. This got a lot of plays on the 'ol bandcamp, but man... this thing hits so much harder on vinyl. If you haven't heard Warm Bodies, they're a bit difficult to describe. They're as fast as any hardcore band, but aren't really heavy at all. The guitarist seems to be playing lead 90% of the time while the bass weaves around it in ultra-catchy lines and the vocalist shouts in that high-pitched yelp that's kind of similar to what you might hear on a Janitor Scum, CCTV, or BB Eye record. The sound is dense, frantic, and layered, and despite the fact that it's super raw and punk, it's one of my favorites record to turn up really loud and zone out to while I notice all of the subtle layers in the music. I'm kind of at a loss for what else to say about this one... it sounds like a record that could have only come out in the year 2017, but at the same time sounds totally classic and uncontrived. Highly recommended.