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The Suburban Homes - Conformity in the UK 7"

The Suburban Homes - Conformity in the UK 7"

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Suburban Homes debut 3 song 7” last year had everyone saying the same thing; It doesn’t sound like anything else, followed by, it sounds like TVP, Swell Maps, Desperate Bicycles…, and as contradictory as those two statements are in this case they make a lot of sense. Suburban Homes does sound like all of those bands, and they also don’t sound like anyone else at all. 78-82 UK punk done with a very modern feel and perspective. Well here’s the follow up to their now out of print first single. Suburban Homes are back with two more tracks very much about our modern times. “Conformity in the U.K.” is modern protest anthem about social media and they very boring state of current affairs backed with a song about paralyzing paranoid schizophrenia aptly titled “Television Spies”.

Our take: Debut (I think?) single from this UK band on the mighty Total Punk Records. One listen to the a-side here and you'll realize that Desperate Bicycles is the most obvious reference point... I mean, "Conformity in the UK" is so spot on that at some points you could almost be convinced that you're listening to the Bicycles themselves. However, as with most bands that heavily reference an older sound or style, there's more than meets the eye at first. In particular, I'd say that Suburban Homes lack the looseness, weirdness, and sense of experimentation of the original UKDIY bands. Perhaps it's just the limitations of the two-song single, but taken together these tracks sound like pretty straightforward punk to me, and the combination of minimalist production and upbeat, simple pop songs reminds me almost as much of a Billy Childish-type record as it does the Desperate Bicycles or the Television Personalities. That's certainly not meant as a slight so much as a warning that this is way more straightforward and way more punk rock than all of the UKDIY descriptions of this record seem to indicate. Oh, and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that this also sounds a hell of a lot like Sorry State favorites Hygiene as well. Definitely a banger of a single, though, and no one will regret forking down their six bucks for this.